claudia    claudia

Claudia is from Abergavenny. She has been the piercer at Kings of ink for over a year. Her interest in tattooing and body art brought her to the studio and in addition to her piercer role she is an apprentice tattooist. Claudia did an intensive three month study course in piercing under the tutelage of Edd Fleming from Cardiff who has over 30 years experience. Her training had a focus on hygiene and in addition to learning about the piercings themselves it taught a comprehensive wide range of skills necessary for Claudia’s work.

Claudia’s interest in tattooing and body art began at an early age. She studied art online and has always had a keen interest in real body art. The first time Claudia spent time in a studio inspired her tp start a career – she has always wanted to be a tattooist. Her influences in the tattoo world are Dai Fleet, Don Ed Hardy and Brando Chiesa. Claudia’s biggest influence in the world of art is Frida Kahlo.

frida kahlo

Claudia’s drawing of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

Under the Kings of ink apprenticeship from Dylan and Neil, Claudia shall soon be offering full tattooist services in addition to the piercing.

These are the piercings we have available:

  • Ear Lobe
  • Nose
  • Helix
  • Conch
  • Rook
  • Tragus
  • Anti tragus
  • Snug
  • Daith
  • Industrial
  • Cabret
  • Smiley
  • Navel (belly button)
  • Eyebrow
  • Septum piercing
  • Tongue
  • Nipple