• After your tattoo is complete DO NOT remove the cling film until you are at home or in a clean environment where it can be washed.
  • When you get home, clean it with non-scented soap and apply tattoo cream that is provided by the studio
  • Once you’ve applied your cream with clean fingers, allow it to breathe with the cream acting as a barrier
  • Do not allow the tattoo to dry out (apply 3-5 times daily). For the first two bedtimes you are to cover the tattoo in clingfilm
  • If your daily routine involves any kind of dirty environment eg. dusty building site or factory, the tattoo should be covered in clingfilm.
  • If it is itching please do not scratch it
  • It will flake over the next couple of days similar to sunburn, DO NOT PICK THIS, just leave it to come off naturally.
  • When you are drying it, pat it dry with clean towels
  • Using the cream we can provide, the tattoo will be healed between five days and two weeks.
  • After 5 days it should be healed enough to go about your daily routine without a cover but do not go swimming or any other activity such as saunas or steam rooms for about two weeks to prevent infection

​Once you have left the shop its your responsibility to look after your tattoo properly, we can only do so much, so please look after it and follow this aftercare advice. DO NOT listen to friends, other people or so called “tattoo experts” you meet in pubs.

Any problems do not hesitate to contact the shop​.